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Become a vendor, it's a breeze! 

Call Today (703)344-8505

It only takes four simple steps!!! 

Pick a Business (Niche)

Find a product you believe in, or a talent you could turn into a service, something you are fearless about promoting and sharing with others!

No cost!

Buy Licenses & Insurance 

Obtain your annual business licenses from the county or state, and your purchase your annual insurance. 

As low as, $300 from the Local Government and Insurance Broker

Get Booth Equipment

Buy your table, chair, signage, tent, and weights to keep the tent from blowing away. 

As low as $100 from the preferred vendor (e.g, Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot)

Pay rent & start selling

Call us to reserve a spot, then pay us to immediately begin selling your products and services at the event(s).

Our rates are as low as $15.00 a week

Call Today! (703)344-8505

*Disclaimer - Some product(s) and service(s) are prohibited in our leasing agreement(s); therefore, make sure to call us to coordinate prior to showing up at (703)344-8505. Additionally, we reserve the right to turn away product(s) and/or service(s) business/es; and/or associated individual(s) whom DO NOT share our same polite, joyful, and/or fun loving culture as the commuity. Upon our management recieving (3) written complaints agaisnt an active vendor(s) and/or individual(s) the offending business/es and/or staff member(s) will be prohibitted from attending event(s) for the remainder of that season (not to exceed 365 days); unless the (3) compaints are formally withdrawn or the complaints can be proven to be invalid. Lastly, Fun Markets LLC management have a strict no refund policy on lease(s), sub-lease(s), rental(s), product(s) and/or service(s) payment(s),

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